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About Jean Noel

We bring the flavor of fashion with handmade creations, tastes, and textures that will provide the “something different” everyone is looking for. And yet so easy to prepare: just thaw and serve.

The Flavor of Fashion

“I want something different.” Guests say it when looking at the menu. Chefs think it when deciding what to order. Owners demand it when considering what to sell. They each want something unique, individual, uncommon, and exciting.

They want Jean Noel pastry creations.

About Jean Noel production 3

Small Producers

Just real people making really good products. Each ingredient is carefully selected and sourced so that each bite is delicious.

About Jean Noel production 1

Limited Runs

The quantity you need, when you need it. Limited runs ensure you receive the freshest pastries possible.

About Jean Noel  1

Design Driven

Our pastries aren’t just delicious; they’re visually stunning. Designed to appeal to your eyes and your taste buds.

Jean Noel: definitely something different.

Contact Us

Talk to the Jean Noel product experts. Here to answer questions, provide technical support, and offer recipe recommendations.