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The Flavor of Fashion

From birthday cake eclairs to raspberry macarons, Jean Noel provides a little of that “something different” everyone is looking for. Handmade and made in limited-run batches, these sweets are both delicious and artfully designed.

Introducing The Rocher

Introducing the Rocher ("ro-shay"), a delectable creation inspired by the classic bonbon, meticulously crafted for indulgence seekers. Each bite encapsulates the essence of fine French chocolate and the  rich aroma of Italian roasted hazelnuts, harmonizing to create  a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Convenience meets sophistication with the Rocher.  Designed for single-portion enjoyment, simply thaw in refrigeration for two hours before service. Impeccable packaging!

Macaron Indulge Collection

Traditional French macarons. Assortment includes cherry, pistachio, and vanilla flavors.

Simply thaw and serve. 108 macarons per case.


BY UTOPIE BAKERY This recipe was published in Pastry 1 Magazine. For twenty rolls CHEF'S TIP: Choose a high quality black sesame paste PASTRY CREAM WITH SESAME 900g whole milk 100g liquid cream (for whipp...

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